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. the fbi assistance they are puzzled by this weekend's murder of a retired schoolteacher. we will take you to the moral of 55 year-old. >> she was a beautiful, beautiful lady of the retired school teacher. she was 55 years old. >> decision 2012. he is here coul? >> this is his fourth visit since the month of may. he was at the intercontinental fund raiser and then came here for a concert fundraiser. let us take a look. and the bill-gra ham. take a look of the motorcade thousands have been waiting. this started at 5:00 p.m. it was a $20,000 per person. most of these people paid $100. there were three bosbu bs loads of people. >> for more years. (chanting) >> i am excited. of four more years.. >> i am have been ready for this encounter again. i was excited. >> that little boy saw the commander in chief. the first time that president obama was here in the bay area. about one dozen or so protesters greeted the president as he a ride at the bill grim auditorium. charles clifford has that portion of the story. >> at civic center plaza they were greeted mr. obama. there were vastly outnumbered by
. we should have asked for the fbi to join us earlier. >> we do not based on the report that we have, have anything this they said this is the remains of a child. s separate a forensic anthropologis di whaouh he had found. they are now preparing fact with the people who did the interview. he stated that it is too soon for him to say that his office made a mistake. before i say one thing that i do not know i will not do that. i will go find the additional fax in order to make an appropriate finding. for the day. we are waking up to some of fog and a mix of clouds. we are expecting a warm afternoon the fog is going to return in the afternoon. there is a live spread and breaks of sunshine. by 9:00 a.m. and by noon time it will be clear. this will build along the coast about 6:00. as for temperatures is a chilly start. there are a lot of mid 40's out here. is expected to be mid-60's for a mid '70s for the napa valley. we are heading back to marty. >> this dog jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle to say boners daughter and niece. they were unable to treat the dog and stated that he w
. of controversy acquitted have helped with the fbi. if we do not, based on the report that we have to not have anything that says that it is a child. >> joanne was linked in side of this area but portions of what was found is remains are from the child. they've are comparing this with whom today independent review it is too soon to say that they messed up. >> it looks terrible i'm not going to do some disagree with you but first i'm going to find the additional facts and trying to get the additional information to make a corporate finding. >> that which they are still reporting. this is the child missing since 1988. she was from the word. the bone fragment is between the ages of 5-14. >> tonight some open police officers are facing harsh disciplines in the occupied movement. at least 40 officers are facing suspension and even being termination. they received 1100 complaints. police chief howard jordan said most did what was recommended but he is recommending that some cat reprimands, and suspensions. they all have a right to a hearing. >> i hope what it does as let people know that if they do
that they needed something had me to get down end there. >> the fbi stated this day can i get about a time or a place to where they will start. >> decision 20 12th. we are counting down to the only first vice president of debate. >> republican vice president paul ryan fell to comfortable about the debate. he expressed that he was nervous going up against joe biden. >> he has been on this big stage for many times and i have been doing my own work. >homework. >> and an obama spokesperson stated that joe biden is looking forward to the debate tonight. biden's background provides information on foreign background. both of them have worked with experts behind the scene. >> michael e. daugherty is here the polls are tightening of all because the president refused to answer romney's questions on the last presidential debate. >> vice president debates are just reference to the president. this will be a little bit different because you have a campaign that is on the rise. i believe that joe biden really needs to step it up to night. tonight. >> bottom line is cut we see some fireworks tonight? >> i
samples and equipment before turning to earth. >> the fbi says the number of laser pointers at airplanes is at an epidemic. they said that these could climb to 3700 by the end of the year. that is a 1000 increase. they can cause pilots to become temporarily blinded. the intentional pointers could face hefty fines and even present. >> this apartment is it getting and an amazing price. it is 10 x 8. it is about the size of a parking space. it is a converted bathroom. and coat closet. already the price has been $145,000. the current offer is believed to be $300,000. the reason is that it is located in a nice area and it is close to several shopping destinations. coming up we will have the uptake of hayward. thousands of customers lost power. and we will have a live update. this time from mt. tam. overcast conditions >> this murder is being investigated as a homicide. >> coming up we will find out how much gas prices have increased. >> and the blue angels have put on a spectacular show kron 4 is bringing you all the excitement. if >> janu >> we should see some clearing with another round of
when they returned fire. police and fbi confirmed that is what happened. they are not saying if the dead agent shot first. >>> nice weather for the bay area. changes on the way as we go into next week. a weather system is getting closer and will bring the chance for light rain. no major storm or anything, but it has been a long time since we've seen anything here in the bay area. this will make for different weather. we'll some clouds and cooler temperatures. right now readings in the 50s and 60s. cooler in the bay. 57 in san francisco, 60 in brentwood, for tonight, look for mostly clear skies right now, but low clouds beginning to increase as we get closer to morning. we start out monday with low clouds in the bay, north bay, south bay, east bay. that gives way to sunshine for the afternoon that will be mixed in with high clouds. that is ahead of a weather system coming in that will produce the chance for isolated showers tuesday afternoon and evening. more on wednesday expected as well. at noon tomorrow, the grey here is the cloudiness. the green shows the rain. with this s
of fbi crime scene investigators set up here. hour after hour they removed bags of evidence in the crime. authorities say they are hoping these agents will provide them with lead they need. this is a spokesperson. >> what we are looking for is the possibility of small amounts of blood. there was a stab wound and trauma, there may be a blood trail that we couldn't see with the naked eye, possibly they could bring tools in, equipment, that will help us find those things. >> reporter: she says the autopsy report revealed the victim, susie ko was stabbed and suffered trauma to the head. >> reporter: did he know what kind of weapon was involved? >> we don't have a weapon at this point. it was a stabbing weapon. >> reporter: this is susie ko with her husband. it is unclear whether the suspect knew her. her husband works in idaho during the week and returns during the weekend. >> reporter: was the house in good condition when you found it? look like a struggle or a fight? >> i can't release that information. >> reporter: her car is missing and they are looking for it statewide. terisa estacio,
and the fbi served a search warrant. they got a tip that a resident was making an exploding bomb. people were evacuated, and authorities detonated one device. there was also a school nearby. >> the school had already left. there may have been some teachers, janitors. that was one of our areas of concern. >> a purpose of interest, a man in his 50s, has been detained, not arrested. the people evacuated have been allowed back home. >>> a bone fragment found among the remains of the victims of the speed freak killers, a 3-inch fragment of bone, was found next to the remains of two teenagers. tests show it belonged to a child. and that raises the possibility that it belonged to mckayla garret. she disappeared from a hayward grocery store in 1988. the discovery is opening the possibility that other possible victims of wesley shermantine and loren herzog have been found. this woman has been mentioned in cases like the speed freak killers. even though there is no direct listening, her family continues to hope the case will some day be involved. >>> continuing to monitor the chance of showers over the
agent shot first. >> >> the fbi saying that the number of laser pointers is reaching epidemic levels. these could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012. that is 1000 increase from 2005. these could temporarily blind pilots. people that intentionally do this could even face prison time and financial fines. >> this deadly shooting on early saturday morning involved this student at the university of south alabama after he was shot when he rushed officers. they say that he was naked. students woke up to the news. they did not know why he would do something like this. several students on campus are questioning if deadly force was really necessary. they had the weapon drawn as shots were fired. university police are undergoing an internal investigation. >> attorneys are going to be with cheery sandusky's lot came during the hearing to see if cheery sandusky is a violent sexual predator. he is facing life in prison. we will take a quick break. the president is attempting to raise millions in california today will be traveling to the bay area. for will have details on his trip, coming up. this
for some clues to help solve this homicide. >> a team of fbi crime scene investigators or outside of the home and hercules. they removed bed f beck's of possib that cost of evidence that would help them solve this crime. there was and how this stab wound and there may be a small blood trail that we cannot say.could not see. the preliminary autopsy revealed that she was stabbed to and had a blood force trauma to her head. we do not have a weapon at this point so we cannot speculate to what kind of weapon that it was. this is her husband of more than 30 years and he stated that he is unclear whether or not the suspect knew his wife. her husband works in navajo through the week and he returns on the weekend. >> was born home ok when you arrived? he stated that herkimer this to rule out back is missing and they are looking for her car. >> her children has flown into the area to help support the father and one another during this difficult situation. they have created web sites and they spoke with kron 4 about their efforts. neighbors said they saw her earlier today. i don't know if th
that they were armed smugglers. date opened fire on him and he was killed. police and fbi looked into this and they have determined that is exactly what happened. >> prosecutors said that the lawyers are scheduled for a private meeting with the judge to hear the sandusky trial. the first session will be a hearing to determine whether not he is a violent sexual predator in the second will be his farmers--formal sentencing. >> the san jose camera shows that the meter in right lanes are open at the guadalupe past--pass. target is set to open its first san francisco store on wednesday. it is one of eight smaller urban oriented stores. the san francisco target will open at 7:00 a.m. and will employ about 300 people. it is estimated to generate $15 million each year. >> a new study shows that if you drink more than 3 c. of coffee a day you could increase your risk of glaucoma. exfoliation clock, goes up 66% if you drink more than 3 c. of coffee a day. so the and t. did not have the same results. researchers say they still need to confirm this study with more tasks. >> hallmark announce
speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> the fbi saying that the number of laser pointers is reaching epidemic levels. these could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012. that is 1000 increase from 2005. these could temporarily blind pilots. people that intentionally do this could even face prison time and financial fines. >> if you're having more than 3 c. it could be increasing your risk of glaucoma. a certain type of glaucoma exfoliation glaucoma will increase if you have more than 3 c. per day. other caffeinated drinks were not found to have that result. researchers say that the still need to confirm the findings of this study. >> coming up illegal dumping caught on tape in oakland. i will show you what is being done and the video in the next edition of people behaving badly . (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> stanley: you have to get out with binoculars. >> these are three men dumping furniture in broad daylight. in fact it is it is this was shot 83 concerned resident and it has been turned over to the public works. and the
the result still need to be confirmed through more studies. >> the fbi says the number of laser pointers into airplanes is reaching epidemic levels. they say the attacks could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012 which is more than a 1000 percent increase from 2005. the problem is laser pointers contemporary leave line pilots. now that nasa is out of the business of sending ships up to the international space station we have our first commercial spaceship lifting off. >> 321 and lift off lift off of the space expert falcon 9 rocket. the rocket was launched from cape canaveral it is holding 1,000 lbs. of cargo. including a freezer that has street for the astronauts. it is the first of 12 missions under the contract with nasa. missions under the contract with nasa. we don't call this our company, missions under the contract with nasa. we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a gl
times. the fbi is collecting evidence. they also say that they have yet to determine any type of motive in this case. in hercules, to recess the show, kron 4. >> it is no wonder they're calling the moderate candidate body and clyde. they have-modern-day-bonnie and clyde. they have been wanted for over one month in san bernardino, california. 24 year-old escaped from jail in late august. the 25 year-old wife, tonya helped with that escape. in early september darnell used a shotgun shooting a shotgun. the shotgun. the deputy who however, survived. the married couple left that shooting scene and carjack two other people in the process. today they are arrested in another stolen vehicle that subaru. with the murder of the hercules woman. they are not a linking this to the killing. to these two people. >> the oakland a's are in the vents between the detroit tigers. j. r. stone is live in oakland. outside the coliseum. hope is still high. out does it feel? >> it feels pretty quiet. not much of anything. and we are talking playoff baseball we are in the midst of this came in side of the coliseu
searchingn to this mass grave site. >> in an effort to help que ll ease concerns i have asked the fbi to join us clear. it is highlighting the criticism of this heavy machinery where this bone fragment was mixed up and down the identified. >> based on the report we do not have anything that is a child. >> her work identified as linked to the speed freak killers. per -- remains of joanne hobson's however they are repairi and comparing the fx with the independent for a few is too soon to say if they messed up. >> it looks terrible at this point and i will not disagree with you. one thing that i do not know is that i'm not going to do that. i'm going to find the additional facts and make the additional information to make inappropriate finding. >> this is a picture. you can see she has been missing since 1988. since nine year old, she was from hayward and that bone fragment came from a child of five years old-14 years old. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> new at 8:00 p.m. berkeley students have been arrested in las vegas and accused of killing in decapitating an exotic bird and a vegas casino. these
for that. the fbi will be at the co residents for the next several days as they for mount tam. wet weather out there rate falling off shore right now we do expected to head our way they did this afternoon to discuss a 10 to 20 percent chance of a sprinkle or two. we will be back with more in one moment. >> jerry sandusky sentenced to 30 and no more than 60 years in the child sex abuse scandal. the latest that we are learning from the courtroom this morning, three of the victims spoke to the judge. one of them with a written statement. the judge in the case addressing the victim's telling them their courage in coming forward as adults like she would be there in his hand literally on the cement wall rather than being in bed with his wife i think that's what he was using as an analogy to say what literally happen. >> was your reaction to the victim's statement. >> well i think we knew what they were going to be generally and we did not get a real time reaction. >> is there any time prior to the trial that there was a possibility that adding a gifted to result in adding approximately 20 years
. >> early monday morning a team of fbi crime investigators have set up in front of thekoe family home. authorities said that they are hoping these agents with their sophisticated equipment will provide the least they need right now. this is hercules police spoke asperse officer connie van plan. >> we are continually looking for the possibility --it was a stock swap of some kind. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news jerry sandusky will be sentenced today and now he is speaking out from prison. it will really have to say coming up. >> convicted pedophile jerry sandusky will learn his fate today. the former coach is scheduled to be the final speaker of his sentence and hearing tomorrow--today. more on what he had to say. >> jerry sandusky convicted of june in of sexually abusing two boys over 15 years. maintains his innocence in on your statement to penn state radio. they cannot take away my life the country into mostar but they can't equimark. >> and my heart i know i did not do these alleged grand conspiracy which his lawyers continue to play out in the court. which involved 10
of these concerns has been my request to have the fbi help us. >> steve maurice admitting that this mass grave they could have done things differently. and typically, they criticize the heavy machinery used in this search there remain of a child's bone was mixed up and not identified. >> based on this report that we have we do not have anything that says that it is a child. >> joined hobsons is and this gravesite linked to the speak freak dollars. separate anthropologist's say that speed freak-colors and a bette speed freak killers gravesite. however, the remains of my five year-old was also mixed in with her remains. it is too soon to say that the office or expert next up. >> it looks terrible at this point. -- messed up.hing that i and did not know i hate to not want to do that. i will find the additional facts and i will get the additional information to find. >> this is a 9 year-old the mother she spoke yesterday. her daughter went missing in 1998,--99 the 8 -- 1988. she has been upset with the heavy machinery used in this search. trade are stone, kron 4 news. >> they're ripping two people
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